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Black Velvet Magazine

UK Independent Rock Zine

External Services:
  • blackvelvetmag@livejournal.com
Black Velvet is a quarterly independent rock publication based in the UK. We've now changed it from a printed magazine into a free online zine - so you can read every issue for free. Head over to www.blackvelvetmagazine.com to read the latest issue.

Add us on www.myspace.com/blackvelvetmagazine, www.facebook.com/blackvelvetmag and www.twitter.com/blackvelvetmag and www.instagram.com/blackvelvetmagazine also!
'a', 3 colours red, 30 seconds to mars, afi, aiden, alkaline trio, all time low, alleycat scratch, allister, american hi-fi, anti-flag, antiproduct, armor for sleep, army of freshmen, ash, bayside, beat union, big bang babies, billy talent, bleed the dream, blink-182, bon jovi, bowling for soup, boys like girls, broadway calls, bullets and octane, bush, cheap trick, city sleeps, ciwwaf, cobra starship, count the stars, cyclefly, drive by, eighteen visions, emanuel, eve6, fall out boy, fanzines, faster pussycat, feable weiner, feeder, finch, fonzie, four year strong, funeral for a friend, garbage, genitorturers, go:audio, goldfinger, good charlotte, gratitude, halifax, handsome devil, hellogoodbye, hidden in plain view, hole, human waste project, jack off jill, jamison parker, jimmy eat world, johnny panic, june, kill hannah, la guns, last of the famous, less than jake, lostprophets, madina lake, magazines, manic street preachers, mark owen, mest, midtown, miss conduct, motion city soundtrack, motley crue, murderdolls, my chemical romance, my ruin, neurosonic, nhoi, nickelback, nofx, offspring, over it, papa roach, paramore, pitchshifter, plunge, pretty boy floyd, proofreading, queen adreena, rachel stamp, redditch, riddlin' kids, rise against, say anything, scars on broadway, secret lives!, seether, self against city, shinedown, simple plan, skid row, slunt, something corporate, son of dork, soraia, spacehog, spitalfield, staind, steriogram, stimulator, story of the year, straight edge, sugarcult, sum 41, taking back sunday, templeton pek, the academy is..., the all-american rejects, the ataris, the audition, the color fred, the crash moderns, the distillers, the donnas, the early november, the explosion, the get go, the glitterati, the maine, the reunion show, the starting line, the transplants, the used, the wildhearts, thursday, uk, veganism, vegetarianism, victory pill, warrior soul, we the kings, worcs., yellowcard, you me at six, zebrahead, zines