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As 2015 comes to a close... - Black Velvet Magazine

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December 27th, 2015

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08:26 pm - As 2015 comes to a close...
After the 2 weeks in Asia in September, I was 2 weeks behind in Black Velvet work - and never quite caught up. It's been quite a busy time with gigs and interviews. As you can see, there are quite a few in the latest issue. I interviewed Charlotte of Delain in October in Birmingham, did phone interviews with Michael Monroe and Hardcore Superstar (was originally hoping to do the Hardcore Superstar one in person at the show, but didn't hear back from the tour manager until 6.30pm asking me if I could do it after the show... I couldn't as I had to catch the last train home, so tried to arrange a phone interview for a few days later). I did a phone interview with Jacob Bunton of Lynam and Adler the same day I did the Michael Monroe one (which was also the day before the Delain one). I did a face to face interview with Tom Napier of Light You Up at their Birmingham show on November 13th... the day the attacks in Paris took place... The Light You Up show was a great show... then I was coming home on the train and logged in to Facebook where a friend posted about the attacks happening in Paris. Shocking. So awful. RIP to those that lost their lives.

I did a phone interview with Luke Spiller of The Struts on the day of their London 100 Club show. My new contributor Annina was going to the show but I did the interview on the phone earlier in the day. I also did an interview with Jake Johnson (Hugh McDonald's talented stepson... I was a bit slow to checking his songs out and very impressed when I finally did!). I also then did an interview with Redditch solo musician Stuart Woolfenden. He came to BV HQ since he lives in the same town, and I did a photoshoot with him too and recorded him singing a song (which I need to put on youtube).

And then the final interview was my Nothing More one at the Institute on Dec 5th.

Black Velvet contributors Sam & Penny did the Fozzy interview for me and Annina did the Zebrahead interview - I may have spontaneously combusted if I'd had any more interviews to research for. It wouldn't be so bad if I was just a normal interviewer that doesn't bother doing much research, but I take days, sometimes the best part of a week, to interview for each interview.

Aside from that, I went to review and photograph shows of Mallory Knox, Def Leppard/Whitesnake and We Are The Ocean.

Then a week before Black Velvet deadline, my mac decided to die on me! Luckily I back everything up, so had it all on a msb stick. The only way I could get onto my mac was via safe mode. Thankfully it DID let me go on with safe mode and so I continued Black Velvet and got it completed, in the last week, all using safe mode! It was a bit of a pain as every time I opened a document/page I needed to reinstall fonts as in safe mode it said they weren't there. I was very happy to finally get it completed the day after my birthday. I was up until 7am the night of my birthday, trying to get it finished. Luckily, I'd booked the next day off work, so I worked all night until I'd finished it and then slept in the day!

I've since bought a new mac (well, a cheap second-hand refurbished old mac!) and new software, so everything should be ok for the next issue. It's probably a blessing in disguise that it broke when it did as I'd had my G5 power pc ten years, since 2005 or so, and it was so old, you couldn't upgrade the operating system or any browsers and couldn't use certain software. Now I have a new one and can start afresh with the next issue. I was kind of sad to part with my old mac as I'd had it so long, it's been with Black Velvet for almost half its existence. That said, it's exciting to have a new mac that can do things again.

Looking back on 2015 as a whole, it's been another great year full of enjoyment and fun. Highlights were going to the Bahamas in May to see JBJ as well as Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Seoul and Macau in September. Another highlight outside of Black Velvet was having a family of foxes come to eat food in the back garden from April until December. I put food out them and videos and photographed them almost every evening. Sad that they seem to have now moved on. I haven't seen since a couple of days before my birthday.

I hope 2016 is as awesome as 2015. Although preferably with no broken macs.

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